Contact Juggling on Arabian Desert in Dubai

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Hello there. I have been Dubai last couple of weeks for New Years Eve party at the Four Seasons hotel in Dubai. I have never been to Dubai before so it was quite exciting. Since Dubai is full of deserts I decided to have a little bit of tour for Safari. But you know I can't [...]

The Best Chinese Face Changing Magic Trailer is finally released!!

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Hi all. I am glad to announce that my Chinese face changing magic trailer is finally available for you to enjoy! The Chinese Face Changing Magic, in other words, Bian Lian, is not something that general public in Australia can approach at anytime they want since it takes great effort with practice, time, and patience to [...]

Surprise Wedding Proposal by Sydney Magician Neo

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Let's make a Surprise Wedding Proposal for your beloved girlfriend! Hello there. Would you like to propose to your girl friend with a magical touch? Why don't you have actual magic event for it?! I am happy to announce that I have helped a lovely couple Mile & Amalia's romantic wedding proposal! A young man, [...]