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Chinese Face Changing / Chinese Mask Changing

Magician Neo’s true mastery of magic is nowhere more apparent than with his remarkable and captivating Chinese Face Changing performance ‘Bian Lian’. In lavish Chinese costume Magician Neo can change his face again and again right before your very eyes.

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♥ Emotional Masks

In keeping with the fine tradition of this ancient art, Magician Neo changes his face with different masks to depicting special characters of the performance. The colour of his face changes to express a range of emotions. As each face changes, you will be surprised by how quickly it happened in the blink of an eye. Beware the red of anger if that is the face colour that catches your eye!

♠ Ancient Chinese Art

Magician Neo’s Chinese Mask Changing act is based on traditional Chinese magic originating in the Sichuan Province. Initially associated with Chinese Opera, performers in brightly coloured masks transform their faces in quick succession with each wave of a fan, turn of the head, twist of the arm or flourish of the hands.

Chinese Mask Changing Australia 2

♣ Secret Mystery

Mystery surrounds the art of Chinese Face Changing with the secret of Bian Lian passed down from generation to generation of artists. It is rarely performed outside of China with the consummate skills of this secret art shared with limited magicians. Sydney-based Magician Neo is one of the few who has been permitted to learn this dramatic art and he guards the secret well.

♦ Awe inspiring

Looking for something awe-inspiring and unique? Look no further than Magician Neo’s Face Changing performance. Watch in amazement as the master of disguise changes in front of you time and time again. You and your guests will be spellbound. This performance is a truly dramatic statement for your event.

♠ Book Now

Contact Magician Neo to discuss how Bian Lian can add something remarkable to your event and share the mystical art of Chinese Face Changing. Magician Neo is a Sydney based performer and can be booked for interstate events.

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