Contact Juggling on Arabian Desert in Dubai

//Contact Juggling on Arabian Desert in Dubai

Contact Juggling on Arabian Desert in Dubai

Hello there.

I have been Dubai last couple of weeks for New Years Eve party at the Four Seasons hotel in Dubai. I have never been to Dubai before so it was quite exciting.

Since Dubai is full of deserts I decided to have a little bit of tour for Safari. But you know I can’t just go anywhere without any magic tricks so I decided to bring a contact juggling ball.
What if I presents a bit of the contact juggling on Arabian Desert? I thought it would look awesome! and YES! It did look awesome! You can see a video that I am performing contact juggling on the desert below.

After the safari tour I went to safari camp for dinner and party. Performing Contact juggling to Arabian people at the desert camp was a sensational experience! All of those people gave me great interesting like they have never seen anything like it before. You will find a video for it below too.



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