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Hoopla Festival

Hello My Friends

I would like to deeply appreciate all of you who came to the hoopla festival 2013 in Darling Harbour in Sydney. Thanks to all of you, the festival became very successful! Personally what I am happy about is my small family show in ‘Castello’ was all sold out at least 3 hours in advance 4 days in a row! 😀 It wouldn’t be possible without you!

Since my hobby is photography, I tried to get some memorable photos of the festival for who came to watch the festival by hoping that they could remind themselves of joyful memory of the festival! Also I hope these photos could encourage people who couldn’t make it to come over next year!

However, I was busy for my shows as well, I couldn’t get a lot of photos. So please be aware that there are more of great performers and sceneries other than the below. 🙂

First of all, here is the highlight video of my performance at the Hoopla Festival 2013!

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