New Honda HR-V Sales Presentation with Magic

//New Honda HR-V Sales Presentation with Magic
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Project Description

Hello there!

I have been helping Honda vehicle company for the new Honda HR-V vehicle sales presentation. It has been awesome opportunity because I have always enjoyed sales presentation by teaching salesmen the basic concept of building rapport with my magic tricks. Most of salesmen, have always struggled with leading natural conversation to explaining specifications of the car or product. It is hard because they tend to focus on emphasizing this is the coolest car or product in the world. What they have to focus on is how to make the emotional connection between the specifications and the customers so that the customers can think ‘why I need it!’ and will remember who you are and the car.

So I was trying to explain them how important it is to build the rapport with customers to begin with. Because without the rapport, there will be no connection between either you and customers or the car/product and customers. Luckily enough, Honda Sales Training Institute wants to involve all of the senses in the presentation so I used those senses for my magic tricks too!

Here is from the head manager of the Honda Sales Training Institute, Tonie Thiel:

“Neo has been helping us to present the brand new HR-V to our national sales people and it’s been great! because he’s been able to reinforce things in a way that is truly magic. Instead of just presenting the car, because we have presented so many great new cars this year to our sales people, Neo has been able to remind them that when you show off something new you have to do it in a way that people will remember. So it’s all about involving all of the senses and surprising and delighting. Neo does that wonderfully well!”

Check out the highlight of the Honda HR-V Sales Presentation with magic video below!